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At 12:01pm on September 9, 2009, Michael E. Cantone said…
Take a look at more of my pics I don't have the ones you took of me up but I will put them up.
At 12:06pm on September 4, 2009, Michael E. Cantone said…
Hi Shelby,
Is that you and your mom? Do you remember me? The picture was taken in 2007.
At 5:58pm on August 30, 2009, Rodger L. Fox said…
Hi Shelby, I will see you in Joplin. Who all is coming with you? I need a count. See ya.
At 3:01am on January 14, 2009, Per Skye said…
Hi Shelby
Hope everything is OK. I dont know if you remember me. My daughter and I was visiting you in september.
/ Per
At 3:18pm on December 24, 2008, Rob Chilcoat said…

At 6:27am on August 8, 2008, Joe Loesch said…
Shelby, Hope your day was full of joy? I hope to have my 55 Chevy ready for a trip to Galeana soon. Keep in touch. - Joe
At 10:06am on August 7, 2008, David Wickline said…
Happy Birthday to You !!
Happy Birthday to You !!
Happy Birthday Dear Shelby !!
Happy Birthday to You !!

I hope your 17th Birthday is just Grand !!
Take Care my little Route 66 Sweetheart !!
I hope to see you soon .... tell everyone Hi for me !!
At 10:52pm on August 1, 2008, George Game said…
Hi Shelby. How are you doing?
At 8:17pm on July 31, 2008, David Wickline said…
Hey Sweetie ... How are things going ?? I hear you and the girls have a bunch of stuff going on there in Galena, Kansas !! You take care and let me know when you girls need some more books !! I wish I could stop by more often !! Take Care, Dave
At 8:01pm on July 22, 2008, Michael L. Ward said…

I hope you got your 1991 Missouri road map. You're one of the lucky few to get one of those from me.

At 8:55am on July 15, 2008, Joe Loesch said…
Things are going well here in Nashville. I'm going to do an interview with Jammin' John for pretty soon. He has a show on Sunday evenings. The Road Crew has a lot of jobs coming up, but nothing on the route for now. Take care and remain sweet.
At 10:08pm on July 7, 2008, Josh Friedrich said…
We need to see more of your pictures. Show off your talents. Maybe tell some stories on a blog.
At 9:50am on June 26, 2008, Joe Loesch said…
Shelby, I like what you've done with your place here. I love how you've rearranged the furniture! Very artsy. Nice going. I sent your mom a note and told her how to get a new password. Have a wonderful day.
At 8:48am on June 26, 2008, James M Conkle said…
Hi Shelby,

You were a highlight of the event. We were all pleased to get to know you. Young or old, we are all 'roadies'

Looking forward to big things from you.

Glad you all got home ok, well almost ok. See you on the road.
At 6:41am on June 26, 2008, Madalyn said…
Hi Shelby,
It was so nice to meet you at the convention.
JJ and I are planning a trip your way sometime this summer.
So be on the look out...LOL

At 6:30am on June 26, 2008, RON JONES said…
Hey Shelby,
Good to hear from U. Glad that everyone made it home alright. Take care and always keep the rubber on the road.
---------RON JONES-----------
At 11:18pm on June 25, 2008, Doug Babin said…
Hi Shelby,
You're more than welcome. We were just as thrilled to be able to make the sign a reality, but really we couldn't have done it without the help of so many others. The hard part was trying to contact members of the E-group and get the needed funds. It would have been a lot simpler if I could have just posted a message in the forum, but then that would have ruined the surprise. So, not bad considering I had come up with the idea about a month or two before the festival.

Consider it our way of saying thanks to the 4 Women for being one of our favorite stops on our trip last year. Your mom was thrilled to take the time to show us around even though the place still had all the scaffolding up.

Later Tater,
Doug, Jenn & Kells
At 9:04pm on June 25, 2008, John S. said…
Shelby, it was so nice to meet you and put a face with the all the posts in the e-group. Welcome to this group. You are a great kid and I think you and the rest of the women are doing a fine job down in Galena. You keep up the good work and keep taking all the great pictures. I look forward to getting down there as soon as possible. Jammin John
At 7:23pm on June 25, 2008, David Wickline said…
Hey Shelby .... nice picture !! I heard about your problems getting home .... oh, my .... so, is everyone ok? And it was great spending a fun time with you in Litchfield. I have my new menu here in my office .... Thanks for coming and making my Litchfield experience one I will never forget !! I will see you next Wednesday, July 2nd around 3:30 !! Take Care, Dave
At 4:52pm on June 25, 2008, Joe Loesch said…
Shelby, Thanks for joining There's plenty to see and do here. It was so great to meet you in Litchfield. The eGroup has created such a buzz about you that it was like meeting a celebrity. I am also a member of the Road Crew. I did give you a CD, didn't I? Anyway, welcome aboard, let me know if you need help with anything? Oh yeah, be sure to watch our music video on the main page "That Ol 66". Later Mater, Joe


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