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I became a Wolverine fan because of the X-Men animated series. He was my favorite and I hated the fact that he seemed to play second fiddle to Cyclops. That’s why I was so excited about the Wolverine movie!

I lined up at the opening of the film in theaters. Despite the long lines, and the fact that I still had to write my essay for school, I decided to wait it out. I felt that nothing is more important than watching my favorite mutant on the big screen!

All I can say is that the movie was very much worth the wait. I don’t care about the 4 hours I spent waiting in line, or that I would probably have to buy essay works off the internet to submit something for class, the fact that I was able to watch Wolvie claw and slash his was through enemies, made everything okay!

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The Road Crew in Cuba, MO! Oct 18th, 2014

The Road Crew - America's Route 66 Band performed at Cuba Fest in Cuba, MO October 18th 2014. America's Route 66 Band played their Songs From The Mother Road and their Rockabilly Road CDs at the Belmont Winery on this Saturday evening.

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