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Vic Suhling Gas For Less neon sign relighting ceremony 10.26.2013 Litchfield Illinois

Saturday had arrived and we made plans for a childless afternoon and evening. Our destination was Litchfield for the relighting ceremony of the Vic Suhling Gas For Less sign located in front of the Litchfield Route 66 Welcome Center and Museum. The sign had been dark for 40 years. It was a bit windy but the sky was a beautiful blue with a few white clouds. We took our time on the way there by taking the late alignment of 66. I veered off at Art's Motel and Restaurant in Farmersville to…


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Vintage Album Cover Clocks

Hi...Darren Long to the group. Wanted to let you know more about my handcrafted clocks for sale. Joe has created a very neat ad link on the home page. You can visit my site for clocks of all types...but proud of these Route 66 ones! :) I'm happy to offer all members $5 off the regular price...please email me and look forward to hearing great 66 stories and seeing awesome photos. I'm feeling the call of the road and hope my wife and I can do some Route 66 traveling this summer.…


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Saint Patty's day trip from Springfield to Funks Grove 3.18.10

Decided to enjoy the sunny, springlike afternoon and head to Funks Grove to restock our Maple Sirup supply. I picked up my son and we cruised along Route 66. Charlie was enjoying asking me "What kind of truck is that?" for each semi that went by on I55. When we arrived at the Sirup shop, Debby Funk greeted us warmly as usual. She appeared to be having a steady stream of customers as some were leaving when we arrived, one person was still in the shop, and another carload arrived when we left. I… Continue

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Mother Road Images revamp!

The revamp of my site is almost complete, with the final states to be added soon!

It's designed as a showcase for the best of my Route 66 images... and as an easy way to buy prints, canvas prints and posters too!

Would love to hear what you think of the site...…


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12.16.09 The news of Bob Waldmire's passing

I took a trip to Staunton today to see Rich at the Ra66it Ranch. I was needing to settle up my tab. It was a cold, sunny December day. I enjoyed the hour drive with just my thoughts while cruising along 66. When I arrived I was greeted warmly by Rich and he told me the sad news. Bob's passing had posted on the Egroup during my drive. We talked about Bob a bit and I came to the conclusion that I needn't grieve but celebrate this man's life. He had lived how he wanted and accomplished things on… Continue

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Bob's Last Art Show 11.22.09 aka An Event To Remember

My family and I headed over the the Cozy Dog Drive In around 2:30 p.m. The parking lot was full of cars and had overflowed into Walgreens & Marine Banks parking lots from what I could tell. There were several people outside and some reporters with video camera's. It was a beautiful day out, the sun was shining and no rain clouds in sight. We could barely get in the door it was packed wall to wall people. After about 10 minutes of standing in line and not moving much, my son said "There are… Continue

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The film is completed over 4500 miles, 13 states and 18 months of filming

4 years of preparing for our 3 part series ( trilogy) of "Jesus of Malibu" we begin filming in 2 days.

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Litchfield IL annual route 66 Car Cruise 6/27/09 and side trip to Henry's Ra66it Ranch

Saturday morning my son was looking at pictures and saw us sitting on the Jackrabbit at Henry's Ra66it Ranch in Staunton IL. He then asked if he can go see the bunnies and ride the big one. Since the car show was going on we loaded up the car and headed South to Litchfield. It was another HOT day in the 90's. There were a few carnival rides this year, an antique tractor show, a Big Foot car crushing show, 3 NASCAR cars, a few vendors, and the classic cars. Did I mention it was hot? Charlie saw… Continue

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20th Annual IL RT 66 ASSOC Motor Tour/Logan County Route 66 Garage Sales JUNE 13-14,2009 ie. My 1st Motor Tour


Late morning around 11:00 a.m. we headed out for Atlanta to start our day of Garage Sales. First off we went to the newly reopened Palms Grill for lunch, they were busy. I had a bacon cheeseburger, Wendy had the egg salad sandwhich, and Charlie had a hot dog. They also serve a cup of soup with almost every meal, it was Bean Soup and it was very good! I purchased a solid brass pin in the shape of a spoon with Palm trees on top for my collection. After lunch I did my usual of… Continue

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Pontiac Kite Festival 5.30.09

The family and I decided to head north to the annual Pontiac Kite Festival. Charlie was very excited about going and being able to fly his kites. We took 66 all the way there from home. Along the way I stopped at the Lawndale PO to add a postmark to my ongoing map project, luckily we arrived 5 minutes before they closed at 9 a.m. The clerk had already switched the handstamp to Monday and had to change it back. He was very nice and applied a good clear strike. We continued onward to Atlanta for… Continue

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New Facebook application "Get Your Kicks on 66"

I recently had the pleasure of receiving a gift from another 66 roadie via my facebook page. They had sent me a "Cozy Dog and Fries" and in return I sent out a "Ted Drewes Frozen Concrete". It was nice to see a lot of the Mother Road icons featured on this app. Feel free to look me up and be my friend. Also, be sure to add a ROUTE 66 PEOPLE badge to your facebook page and support/share America's Main Street with the world.

C-YA on down the highway.

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St Louis 2.28.09

My wife and I headed to Saint Lou-ee yesterday. Our main purpose for going was for the annual stamp expo. I was very pleased to acquire a few route 66 pictorial postmarks one for Hamel IL which had a car cruising along Route 66 and one for Collinsville IL it pictured the World's Largest Catsup Bottle. I will post a scan of each one to my photo page. After we left the stamp show we headed to Union Station to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe & do some shopping. I also had to get a few elogated… Continue

Added by Josh Friedrich on March 1, 2009 at 10:06pm — 1 Comment

St Louis Route 66 Festival Chain of Rocks Bridge 10.4.08

This is the first year for this annual festival which encompasses 2 states IL & MO via the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge. Also, it is the first time Wendy and I have been to the bridge. The weather was great high 70's, blue sky, and little to no wind. The bridge is 1 mile in length and we walked it twice. We arrived mid afternoon and started our trek from the Illinois side. On this side was the Illinois Route 66 Association table, a stage for the various speakers and musicians, a food vendor,… Continue

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7th Annual International Mother Road Festival Springfield IL 9.26-27.08


My wife, Wendy, came home on friday and suggested we go see the cruisers downtown! The weather was great and the bugs were a minimium. We found a parking spot and noticed my parents car. Charlie was excited to see Pa-Pa. Caught part of Butch Wax's set, as well as a very good alt rock cover band on another stage. There were a lot of cars for the first night, we didn't even see them all. At night is pretty cool because of the LED & NEON lights on the vehicles. Charlie really liked… Continue

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Sherman IL Sesquicentennial (150th) Celebration 9.20.08

We went North to Sherman IL on the good ol' mother road. The main events were right on Route 66 just past the Sangamon River. It kicked off the a parade that had several Model T's. There were arts and crafts vendors, a pioneer village reenactment camp on the property of a village founder's Flagg, a small scale car show, and of course food. My main purpose for attending was to obtain the special commemorative postmark & envelope for the event. I had proposed a route 66 themed postmark last… Continue

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Lincoln IL Balloon & Art Festival 8.23.08

I have once again figured out a way to trek along my favorite decommishioned highway with my family. We headed towards Lincoln on a steamy 90 plus degree day. Since I had Wendy riding shotgun, she was able to snap some pictures on the way there and back from our Blue Vue, which should have a license plate of VUERT66. I really enjoy Lincoln historic downtown buildings. First I stopped off at the Postville Courthouse, a official Route 66 attraction, while Charlie was sleeping and Wendy took a… Continue

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Funk's Grove IL visit 8.16.08

We were going to East Troy WI on Saturday to go to a concert and to Milwaukee to go The Safehouse, a spy themed restraurant on Sunday. On the way there I took advantage of driving and headed off I55 to route 66. We stopped in at Funks Grove Sirup Farm to pick up a few bottles of sirup before they ran out. Usually, when I am driving that way they are sold out and it is out of season. I picked up the newest and possibly last issue of Route Pulse, a route 66 t shirt for my 2 year old, and a couple… Continue

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Late Lunch at the Cozy Dog 7/19

I took the 9th st and 6th st alignment to the Cozy Dog today for 2 purposes today. The first was to pick up a couple of Bob Waldmire's postcards for a trade. The second was to have a Cozy Dog, vinegar fries, and a Route 66 Cream Soda for lunch. Imagine my surprise when I pull in and see Fillmore's cousin sitting in the parking lot. Bob was there in the corner booth by the door engrossed in writing back to friends. I enjoyed my meal while admiring Ed Waldmire's book collection. I ventured over… Continue

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Today's trip to Henry's Ra66it Ranch

This afternoon I went to Staunton to meet Rich for the 1st time. His place is GR8! He has some good stories and I spent a hour and a half chatting. Rich was nice enough to autograph my map & affix his Ra66it Ranch rubber stamp. I also took the opportunity to get 4 more postmarks for my map: Mount Olive, Litchfield, Farmersville, and Divernon. I picked up some nice postcards for my growing collection, a few buttons/pins, Emily Priddy's book Route 66 for Kid's, etc. I tooked about 30… Continue

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Route 66 Pulse needs your help...

The Route 66 Pulse ( is seeking distributors and salespeople. We currently have needs all along the Mother Road, as we recently lost Carl Johnson to retirement and now have only Darleen Bitter and Bob 'Croc' Lile available for sales and distribution. Both Darleen and Croc cover a tremendous amount of territory and are overachievers in my opinion, but they could certainly use help. Although Croc and Darleen have a pretty decent handle from their homes in TX and CA and into… Continue

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The Road Crew in Springfield, MO

The Road Crew - America's Route 66 Band performed at The Birthplace of Route 66 Festival in Springfield, MO August 15 & 16, 2015. 

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